Zapy Lonettes, children's shoes with great care

If you want an ideal shoe brand for your little ones, you should know Zapy Lonettes, because they manufacture and design the best children's shoes of the world. Why? Because they do it with care, affection, perseverance and knowledge, based on what your children need to walk correctly, avoiding problems in their development in the sensorimotor and musculoskeletal system. We see it and we show it.

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Zapy Lonettes, a veteran in the world of healthy footwear

A few years ago, it was believed that any shoe could be used for children. But, above all, it was thought that orthopedic shoes were the best so that the little ones' feet did not become deformed, something that could happen with sports shoes, which were accommodated to the child's foot shape, which could cause problems of health in the future.

That said, it should be added that the brand starts with its brilliant career back in the distant today 1989, more than 30 years ago. And, since then, the company has not stopped improving, evolving, developing and maintaining illusion and motivation suitable for a brand that works on all children's shoes, ranging from small size 17 to size 41, already for the boys and girls with the biggest feet in the house.

handmade shoe store

Do you like shoes made with love, handcrafted, with the care that only true and classic manufacturers can put into each design? Well, in this case, Zapy Lonettes are ideal for you, because that is exactly what they are looking for in each new creation that comes out of their wise hands with years of experience in this sector.

And yet they are also specialists in vulcanized and injected process to ensure that the special footwear that they launch on the market are perfect.

The manufactured is fully national and it is done here, in Spain, treating each piece and each shoe in a traditional way, getting involved in person. That is to say, they guarantee optimal adaptability to each client so that, together, all the actors grow, from manufacturers to users and marketers, betting on the highest quality, current affairs and comfort.

Adaptation to needs

Given the way of working focused on intelligence and the optimization of resources, Zapy Lonettes can offer an adaptive method to the most precise needs of each client to provide them with a product of excellent quality and competitive comfort.

How is something like this achieved? Through a first class human team, which takes care of everything throughout the processes that are carried out. And it is that, in any company, the most important thing is the human quality that governs it, from the person who commands the most, the leader, to the rest of the individuals who are part of a philosophy, a vision of the world, some values and a way of being and acting. That's why Zapy Lonettes are ideal for those lonettes, those little ones who deserve all our love.

Therefore, those who are part of the great family of Zapy Lonettes they are immersed in the group almost from the beginning, from the first steps of the company, some, in fact, since it began its successful journey that continues to this day.

The brand has an excellent and convenient portal that allows us, as professionals, the power buy your shoes that we then offer to our dear customers, that is, to you, so that both you and your little ones can enjoy the best clothes to ensure the well-being and optimal development of children.

So, you know, if you bet on Zapy Lonettes, you bet on the highest quality and the most outstanding adaptability. Therefore, look at our extensive catalog and buy everything you need to enjoy a fuller, healthier and happier life.

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Respectful and minimalist footwear for all ages.

2 thoughts on “Zapy Lonettes, calzado infantil con mucho mimo”

  1. After having tried several brands of respectful footwear, Zapy has definitely seemed to me to be the best among them all. In general, respectful footwear cades with an especially attractive design, but Zapy has managed to combine respectful footwear with a very beautiful design. We will definitely repeat as many times as necessary. Thanks also to Deditosbarefoot for its ease of purchase that it always offers ❤️

  2. Hello!! We have the zapy ones, thanks to you... But I don't know how to clean them, it's the heart model and my daughter already has them dirty...
    Thank you


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