Magical Shoes ZiuZiu Gray

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Magical Shoes Ziu Ziu Respectful Boots in Gray color

Barefoot friendly boots for kids and brand girls Gray Magical Shoes, completely flexible and allow free movement. No strong counters and no drop.

If you buy this product you will earn 44 Points for the value of 0.44 !
If you buy this product you will earn 44 Points for the value of 0.44 !
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Magical Shoes Ziu Ziu Respectful Boots in Gray color

Winter shoes that make your kid feel like they're barefoot? If they exist!

The parents designed the ZiuZiu barefoot winter boots for your children so that their feet develop properly and are not deformed by heavy and inflexible shoes.

The magic shoes ZiuZiu They have all the characteristics of a healthy and minimalist shoe: they are extremely flexible, they have a perfectly flat sole (zero drop), a lot of space in the fingers and they are extremely light.

The upper part is made of high-quality full-grain leather with a 50/50 lining of natural wool and polyester (Polish production). In all cold conditions, this blend ensures comfort for children's fragile feet. A water-repellent membrane is sandwiched between the leather and our soft, warm fleece, providing an extra layer of protection for the child.

The Magical Rubber Trek outsole uses cutting-edge technology to make it highly flexible, allowing you to take steady steps even on slippery winter terrain. Our boots' simple rainbow color palette can brighten up any gloomy winter day. The velcro closure makes it much easier to fit the unruly (healthy) feet of children.

The minimalist shoes from Magical Shoes ZiuZiu they are the only winter shoes with qualities that meet all the requirements for healthy footwear for children.

Our designers build ZiuZiu and all subsequent Magical Shoes minimalist footwear with the health of children and adults in mind.

We always spend a significant amount of time testing and researching, so we're always learning. We do this to make sure that all of our clients' needs are covered. We want to be in contact with you at all times, to form a barefoot community that educates, promotes awareness and includes all of you.


The size guide indicates the measurements of the insole or the inside of the shoe (in case it does not have insoles), they are not the measurements of the foot.
We recommend that you add between 0.5 cm – 1.2 cm to the measurement of the foot to choose the correct size.

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Weight 0.9kg
Dimensions 15×15×10cm

23, 24, 25


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