Protetika: the respectful footwear brand that you will love

Do you like to wear fashionable footwear that is also respectful, comfortable and very adaptable and flexible? Then more to love Protetika, as it is an ideal brand in this case. In fact, as soon as you try their shoes, especially those designed for the little ones in the house, you will no longer want to wear others. We start and meet them!

Protetika, a history of 100 years designing quality footwear

Incredible but true. The history of some of the brands with which we work in our store reach centuries-old successes. This is the case of the one we are talking about here, which was born in Slovakia in 1923, long before anyone can imagine, and that has managed to get here, a century later, giving the market dynamism and health and improving its processes by adapting them to the needs of each era.

Since that distant year 23 of the 20th century, the company has even been able to overcome a world war that devastated Europe, especially the Eastern countries, until reaching our days in top form and as a star in the world footwear market.

How are the brand's shoes?

If we look at the details that the brand uses to design his shoes respectful, we can see magnificent benefits. Let's see.

therapeutic sandals

It's not that with these respectful sandals you go to receive therapy, is that, once they are used, the foot will be healthier and healthier. Why? Because they adapt to the specific needs of the person, so that the sole of the foot does not lose contact with the ground, from which they receive a lot of information for proper development, although at the same time it is well protected to avoid injuries, damage, tripping , etc.

It is also true and we must point out that this brand has opted for something known as a surgical shoe, to which it adds the so-called surgical socks. But do not be afraid, because you are not going to have surgery while you wear these shoes, because it is nothing like that.

When we talk about therapeutic sandals or surgical shoes, we refer to special footwear that take care of the development and good condition of the foot, in favor of what science dictates, because it must go free, almost as if we were barefoot, but with adequate protection.

The materials

The Protetika brand is also up to date and the latest in materials, taking advantage of all that science and the technology can contribute to offer customers the best possible shoe.

Among how much he has worked, we find, for example, subjects such as the neoprene, which can be applied to the world of footwear, although it may surprise you.

Thus, this company that began operating in its native Slovakia, went through other Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Belarus or the Czech Republic, where it created subsidiaries, and began to expand throughout the old continent and beyond, bet soon for quality leather, especially taking velvet and leather as an example, understanding that they were the best possibilities to obtain the qualities they were looking for.

The benefits

Elements such as medium to narrow lasts, double velcro fastenings, flexible rubber soles and insoles made of leather and removable to improve and not hinder the growth of the foot, without anatomical elements that may harm, are some of the notable benefits that they offer. Protetika shoes.

Remember, if you want buy barefoot shoes of the Protetika brand to ensure the well-being of your children, you can consult the great catalog that we offer you in our online store. Here we care about the well-being of the little ones in the house and we think of all the details so that they develop healthy, strong and happy.

Barefoot fingers

Respectful and minimalist footwear for all ages.

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