Dodo Shoes, a special and respectful brand

Do you like to be fashionable wearing the most beautiful shoes of the moment? There are special brands that, in addition to designing beautiful shoes, are also respectful of the environment and the well-being of the foot. One of them is Dodo Shoes, which will become a perfect ally for your little ones. We know her.

Dodo Shoes, a brand born from a need

In fact, this trade mark relatively recent was born recently, thanks to a group of people who are beginning to be aware of the need for proper development of Romanian children, for which it is necessary to have adequate footwear that does not hinder their healthy growth.

But why was the brand born? In addition to the need, the entrepreneurs became parents, discovering a significant lack of quality footwear suitable for the development of your children's feet. That was how, daring and launched, they studied the market, especially the international one, to the point of embarking on a risky adventure to develop friendly and healthy shoes for children's feet.

After a thorough study of the market, it was time to choose the available alternatives, and that was when they realized that there was a gap in the sector in the manufacture of sandals, shoes and friendly footwear, especially, with child development, since what was sold was far from being in line with the latest studies of human growth.

This is how it was concluded that the best option was to use the barefoot shoes, thanks to which the foot is protected, but receives all the necessary information as if it were naked, which is the most natural way to use it and the way that has the least impact on its development and well-being.

Thus, from an anatomical point of view, we could say that this is an ideal formula for the development of the feet of any child and adolescent to grow steadily and adequately without serious interference.

Building a great brand

Be that as it may, all this caused a group of entrepreneurs to make the decision to develop your own workshop in which to pour their knowledge, their energy and everything they learned as parents, plus what was to come.

Even so, before jumping into the pool they spoke with various specialists in the field of podiatry, to better understand the anatomical and developmental aspects of this limb.

The choice of barefoot footwear

After speaking with several shoe specialists, they opted for the barefoot shoe design for a unique reason: because it had been discovered in the field of pediatric podiatry that it was the best formula to respect the development of the child's foot, contributing to the correct growth of ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles.

This is how, after bringing together extensive knowledge, the brand began to study the most attractive materials to design a barefoot shoe that would, in turn, allow understanding the human biomechanical gait and the formula that would least interfere with its proper development.

Dodo Shoes, the barefoot footwear you need

Dodo Shoes is one of the most important brands of the moment in terms of design and marketing of children's footwear. His knowledge and experience, mixed with creativity and desire to do well, has made him become a reference in the international market.

Remember that if you want to buy barefoot shoes from the Dodo Shoes brand, you can access our huge catalogue. Here, in our online store, we have excellent prices and superior qualities so that your little ones' feet don't suffer a single second of their lives and develop according to their needs.

Barefoot fingers

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