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Fiscal address: C/Clavo 20 block 1 number 8 of Orihuela Costa (Alicante)

Physical Store in: CC Rioja Calle Magallanes 18, Local 22 – Orihuela Costa 03189 (Alicante) Spain

Phone: 604.430.837


 Application of the general conditions of sale

The acceptance of the general conditions of sale implies its integral application. They apply to all orders placed by the client on the DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM page and constitute a contract between DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM and the Client. The Client waives, in particular, to take advantage of any contradictory document, which would be opposable in DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM. The domains DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM AND DEDITOSBAREFOOT.ES are domains owned by this website.

These general conditions of sale may be subject to subsequent modifications, the version applicable to the Customer's purchase is the one in force on the website at the date of the order. The modifications of these general conditions of sale are legally enforceable to the users of the website as of their placement online and cannot be applied to the transactions concluded previously.

Every user of the page must respect the general conditions of sale.

The client can request by email to: to receive the general conditions of sale in Catalan, Basque or Galician.

Validity of offers

Our offers are intended for consumers who have a delivery address in mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
Items for sale on our page are available while stocks last.
DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM undertakes to inform the customer by email that they have placed an order for an item that is not available. In the event of a debit or charge for an order whose item is not available due to out of stock, DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM undertakes to propose a purchase check or refund to the customer within 15 days. The order is automatically canceled as long as the customer does not want to wait for the replenishment of the stock of the chosen product.

product presentation

The products offered for sale are described and presented as accurately as possible. The Client must go to the description of each product in order to know the essential properties and particularities. The Client must be informed before placing the order. The choice and purchase of a Product is the sole responsibility of the Customer.
However, errors or omissions may occur regarding the presentation, and the responsibility commitment of DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM cannot be compromised. The Client is invited to inform DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM of any important error of a product.

Creation of a customer account

To place an order, the customer must create a customer account before placing his first order. The customer must fill in the following information: email address, name, surname, date of birth, full delivery address, telephone number. It is important to highlight that the creation of the account will require a personal password and its use is strictly confidential. Divulging said password to other people is prohibited.
The client undertakes to place the complete, exact and truthful information. Any usurpation of identity or false identity will result in the definitive closure of the account and may lead to legal action. Any multiple registration, use of the client account by several people or other fraudulent actions may lead to the cancellation of the registration.
The client acknowledges having the required capacity to acquire the products proposed on the page DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM
DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM rejects all sales to persons under 16 years of age without prior authorization from their parents or legal representatives, which will be systematically requested.

Product price

The prices are presented in Euros and include the corresponding taxes for Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands, except for possible shipping costs. If the VAT is modified, the difference may affect the price of the items without the customer being notified. DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM reserves the right to change prices at any time but items will be billed at the price in effect at the time the order is placed.

The prices take into account eventual reductions that would be approved in DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM These do not include management, shipping, transportation or delivery costs that could be invoiced additionally if specified on the internet pages. The payment requested from the customer will correspond to the total amount of the purchase, including said expenses.

We do our best to ensure that the prices of items for sale are correct, but errors may occur. In the event that we detect a manifest error in the price of one of the items that the customer has purchased, the order will be canceled as soon as possible and the full amount will be refunded. DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM is not obliged to supply the product at the incorrect lower price if the error in the price is evident and unequivocal and could have been reasonably recognized as an erroneous price.

An invoice will be provided by DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM. It can be downloaded from the customer account, directly in the order.

TVA and customs duties for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

The prices of the products for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are indicated without VAT. Any order placed on the page and shipped in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, may be subject to any additional taxes and fees at customs that will be established once the shipment reaches its destination. Such taxes or customs fees are payable by the customer and are their responsibility.. For Ceuta and Melilla and the Canary Islands, it must always contain the recipient DNI/NIE number.

DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM is not obliged to verify or inform about customs expenses or applicable fees. When placing an order on the page, the Client is considered as the official importer and is obliged to respect all the laws and regulations of the country where the merchandise is received. Customers should be aware that cross-border deliveries may be subject to a review and inspection procedure by customs authorities.

Order and secure payment


The customer validates his order as indicated below. This validation implies acceptance of these general conditions of sale of DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM The customer who wishes to purchase an item visible on DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM must follow the following process to place the order.
– Choose the size and color
– In the basket, verify the details of the order (color, quantity, size, price, etc…) with the possibility of modifying, adding and even deleting certain items.
– When placing your first order, fill out the account creation form with a password.
– If the customer benefits from a special offer, the code that has been attributed to him must be placed in the box provided.
– Choose the payment method, the type of delivery, the delivery address.
– After having validated the payment method, the order is definitively and irrevocably confirmed with the effects indicated below. Every validated order has an obligation to pay.
– An order confirmation email will be sent to you validating the final sale after payment of the entire amount of the order (it is not an advance or part of the price). Products are reserved for 7 days.

Every validated order has an obligation to pay.

It is the customer's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the order and to notify us immediately of any errors.


  • Payment by bank card (POS)
    The Client provides the number of his bank card associated with the expiration date and security code.
    The final validation of the order is done by clicking on « Confirm » To ensure payment, in some cases, payment confirmation is not made until a 3D-Secure code transmitted by the bank to the customer has been placed. By selecting the memorize box, the Client accepts that the number of his bank card is registered in his account for future purchases.
  • Payment by bank transfer (only for mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands)
    In other forms of payment, select "bank transfer" and confirm the order. We will send you an email with the bank details of DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM and a reminder of the amount to pay for the order, with a unique transaction number to specify to the bank when the transfer is made. The order will be prepared once we have received the bank transfer (approximately 48 hours).
  • PayPal
  • For all holders of a Paypal account, the payment will be made online, through said account, simply indicating the electronic address and the Paypal password. Payment with paypal is subject to a surcharge of €0.35 + 3.1% commission charged by paypal for this method.
  • In addition, the financial information of the Client is not communicated in any case to DEDITOSBAREFOOT.COM, PayPal encrypts and protects the card number.

 Payment default

FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or to process the order of a customer who has not fully or partially paid for a previous order or with whom there is an active payment dispute or if there is a risk of fraud.

Any refusal of payment by bank card, any refusal of payment in 3 installments, any refusal of payment on delivery, any abusive litigation with Paypal may lead to a collection procedure or recovery of money by FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM . For any payment or recovery of unpaid, FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM Penalties will apply and, in addition, administrative collection expenses could be applied.

Payment Verification

FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM controls all the orders that have been made on the page. These controls are intended to protect FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM abusive practices: identity theft, payment fraud. the services of FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM they will see the need to ask the Client for all the documents necessary for the validation of the order: a copy of the identity document, passport, bank card, etc…

If you do not receive the requested documentation within the next 7 days, the order will be automatically cancelled.

Any receipt of non-compliant documents can also lead to the cancellation of the order.

payment security

In order to protect payments, the page FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM use a secure payment service. This service integrates the SSL security standard. Confidential information (bank card number made up of 16 numbers, validity date and CVV security code) are directly transmitted in encrypted form to your bank's server without being recorded on the server of FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM and the payment is accepted in real time, by the secure telepayment manager. This generates an authorization request to the bank card network and sends a unique code electronically with the purchase information, total amount and date of the transaction.


The Customer who has made a purchase in FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM , you have registered your details and chosen a password, which will allow you to place new orders without having to fill out the pre-order form again.

The registered Client is recognized on the page as a client of FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM Your password is strictly confidential and personal. In no case should the password be disclosed.

In the event that the client FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM forget or lose your password, you must click on the link on the login page entitled “Forgot your password? Click here". On the next page, you will need to enter your email address and click send. You will then receive a link by email that will allow you to reset your password. This new password will automatically replace the old one.

To place an order again, the Customer of FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM You must log in by entering your user email and new password in the space dedicated to this purpose. This password is not used in any way to make any payment.

delivery times

Delivery times refer to the date of the order and are indicated in working days (Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not taken into account when calculating delivery). Orders placed over the weekend are counted as orders placed the following Monday. In case of force majeure, FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM is not responsible for the delay in delivery. Likewise, the delivery dates shown on our website are those estimated by the transport companies themselves. Sometimes shipments may be delayed due to shipping companies, in that case We are not responsible if your shipment is not received on time.. Keep in mind that there are many variables and it is possible that an order may be delayed, for example because the delivery van has been damaged, because there is a large accumulation of shipments in the distribution centers, because the delivery driver is carrying dozens of packages and not has given you time to deliver yours on the scheduled day, etc. In this case, we recommend filing a claim with the transport company directly.


Shipments are made with transport companies:



Shipments made with the company CTT EXPRESSS the cost varies if the destination of the shipment is:

Peninsula (except Balearic Islands) €4.99 – Correos Express 24h/48h on working days, estimated average time according to Correos Express.

Balearic Islands €8.10 – Correos Express 24h/48h on working days, estimated average time according to Correos Express.

Tenerife and Las Palmas – €19.00 – Correos Express MARITIME (BETWEEN 4-8 DAYS estimated time).

FREE SHIPPING WITH CTT EXPRESS 24h/48h on working days, estimated time according to CTT Express. ONLY VALID FOR SPAIN PENINSULA (not including the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla). In order to use free shipping, the sum of all the products in the cart must be more than €75 (VAT included) after using discount coupons, if any.

In the event that you make a return or exchange of a product and the total amount paid in your order does not exceed €75, you must pay the shipping costs that were free at the time and also the €4 for the return of the return/ change.

The order preparation time can be from 24 hours to 72 hours, depending on the volume of orders we have. We will do our best to get your order out the same day you place it. Orders received before 12:00 pm placed on the same day will be shipped that day (whenever possible), after that time we cannot guarantee that the order will ship on the same day.



Keep in mind that the shipment of your order with this carrier may take a while since it is not an urgent shipment, the times indicated on the website are the official times of the Post Office after your order is admitted at the office. It is possible that from the time the order is picked up at our facilities until it is admitted to the office, 24-48 hours may pass + the shipping time. There is no compensation for the delay of transport as it is unrelated to our service.

Free Shipping with Correos with collection at the Office from €50 (peninsula, €55 Balearic Islands). The average shipping time is 48/72 working hours after admission at the Post Office. We are not responsible for delays in deliveries by Correos. Correos y telegrafos will send you an SMS and an email notifying you that your order is now available to be picked up.


Keep in mind that the shipment of your order with this carrier may be delayed since it is not an urgent shipment, the times indicated on the web are the official times of INPOST (formerly known as PUNTO PACK-MONDIAL RELAY) after being admitted at the closest pack point to our store. It is possible that from the time the order is collected at our facilities until it is admitted at the collection point, 24-48 hours pass + the shipping time. There is no compensation for the delay of transport as it is unrelated to our service.

From €4.00 shipping and minimum delivery time 3 business days for the peninsula and 4 days for the Balearic Islands and Portugal (although it is usually less time). You must choose the collection point or box office where your order will be delivered, you will be notified by email and SMS that the order is now available to be picked up at the point chosen by you.

Free Shipping with Punto Pack with collection at a point chosen by the user or at a smart locker. Shipping is free from €50 (peninsula, €55 Balearic Islands, €60 Portugal). The average shipping time is 48/72 working hours after admission to Punto Pack. We are not responsible for delays in deliveries by Punto Pack, they will also send you an SMS and an email notifying you that your order is now available for collection.


The returned product must arrive and be in perfect condition (unused, unwashed, with its labels, without repairs or similar) in its original container or box with which it was sent, and must also be returned in such a way that they are protected. In the event that it is detected that the products have been used or present signs of possible use, the return will not be accepted. If a return is received without protection (bag or box) with the Carrier's label directly attached to it, the return will not be accepted.

You can send us the order using the transport you choose, paying it at the time it is picked up and with destination:

Barefoot fingers

CC Rioja c/ Magallanes 18, local 22

03189 Orihuela Costa (Alicante) Spain and telephone 604.430.837

You can also send us the order through Punto Pack (now INPOST or Mondail Relay) for this you must go to the web and select as pickup point:





For all stages of access to the site, query filling in forms, orders, delivery of items or other services, FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM has no obligation of means. Consequently, FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM does not commit itself to the inconveniences or damages or prejudices inherent to the use of the Internet network totally to the diligences and precautions taken by FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM . In particular, any alteration in the provision of the service, or any external intrusion or presence of a computer virus will not be the responsibility of FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM Any qualified fact of superior force in the sense of the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court totally exonerates FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM of all responsibility. Customers benefit from the guarantees agreed by the brands present on the site.

Intellectual property

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These are the exclusive property of FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM .
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In any case, a link, even if it is not officially authorized, must be removed as soon as it is requested by FINGERSBAREFOOT.COM .

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