What is respectful blucher-style footwear?

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    We are going to get to know a very particular and comfortable type of shoes specially designed for hot times, for example, although they can be worn with pride throughout the year. Do you know what the respectful blucher-style footwear? Well look no further because here you will find all the answers you were looking for.

    What characterizes respectful blucher-style footwear

    ¿Qué es el calzado respetuoso estilo blucher?

    We are going to get into the matter so that you know how to identify blucher-type shoes. To do this, let's see what their main features. You will see that they are very striking, and that it is very likely that you have seen them on many occasions in shop windows, shoe stores and department stores:

    • It is an open lapel shoe.
    • The lasts are more open than in other styles of shoes, which makes them roomier, and also more comfortable.
    • They keep the tongue integrated into the structure of the shoe, and not separately as in other styles.
    • They are shoes that last a long time, and that, in addition, present remarkable robustness.
    • They are considered versatile shoes that combine very well with different clothes and fit into a large number of different looks.

    The types of respectful blucher-style shoes

    In any case, the best way to identify respectful blucher-style footwear is by looking at their open lapels, which is the most characteristic formula and best defines them. Either way, they are not all the same. In fact, there are various styles, for example:

    1. Plain blucher shoes: they have no ornaments. That is to say, we see the bare shoe, without major beads or elements that decorate them.
    2. Semi-brogued blucher shoes: in this case we find a characteristic footwear for a particular element, the inclusion of broguettes. In other words, we see that it is accompanied by small perforations that serve as decoration. But, being semis, we will only see that they are included on the sides and on the front end of the piece.
    3. Blucher pala vega trapped shoes: here we refer to shoes that are also called Budapest, full-brogue or wing-tip footwear. What makes them special? As the name says, they have broguettes in all areas of the shoe, both on the heel and on the front and on the sides. For all this we find heart-shaped seams to decorate the garment and always look beautiful.
    Blucher style disrespectful footwear

    How are these respectful blucher style shoes

    Remember that shoes that are too ornate may not be suitable for situations of great formality. Now, the most daring and carefree looks can be perfectly adapted to fun shoes, with all kinds of eccentricities and additions. Yes indeed, the blucher, since they are very varied, they can be adaptable to any type of situation, more or less informal.

    The point is that, in addition, they are comfortable, flexible and adaptable. That they respect the natural shape of the foot of the person who wears them, whether they are more or less older.

    That said, what do you have to expect from a respectful blucher-style shoe? In addition to what has already been said according to its style, there are also these advantages depending on its manufacture:

    • quality stuff. Natural cowhide leather is often used, but it is also designed with other vegan materials. The key is that it is of high quality and adapts to the foot.
    • Templates. They should be removable and antibacterial.
    • Sole. This shoe has a thin, light, flat and highly flexible sole.
    • Reinforcement. It is characterized by being a soft shoe, without heel and toe reinforcements.
    • The toe caps can be made of rubber, which reduces wear on the shoe.
    • The ankle must maintain its perfectly natural movement. Hold, but not tight.
    • They should be put on naturally, whether they use straps, velcro, etc.

    There are many brands that specialize in the design of these types of shoes. One well known to us is Mini Shuu. But it is not the only one. Discover them all!

    Remember that respectful blucher-type footwear must be comfortable, adapted to movement and facilitate freedom of movement.

    we have more respectful children's footwear in our store, in addition to the fact that every week we update more brands and stock.

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