Bobux, more than great footwear, an experience

Great footwear is synonymous with an excellent experience. So Bobux has become a reference name in the sector. Why? Next, let's see it all. So pay attention, take note and discover a brand of footwear that you are going to love.

What is Bobux?

Bobux is a mark born out of necessity. The innovation It is present in its origin, since many people, back in the 90s, were looking for solutions to their problems when walking. And that is how the company was born, by the hand of Chris and Colleen Bennett, who gave birth to a new way of understanding shoes when their daughter Chloe was born and they wanted to give their little girl the best of the best, starting with the baby's little feet.

That said, it was Chris who decided to go to his garage armed with leather and suede to see what he could do. And from there came some soft soles which, he believed, were the first the world had seen.

But it was not like that. Even so, his invention reached the market in Victoria Park, in the city of Auckland, and he discovered that there were high demand. For this reason, seeing that it could be a good possibility, in 1991 they founded Bobux, seeking to create shoes that favor the natural movement of the foot. And that's where this adventure began.

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A company with more than 30 years of life

Indeed, more than 30 years of life contemplate Bobux, so its commitment to natural and quality footwear is not something new. In fact, its creators have spent years in the adventure of the proper development of our infants' feet, betting on shoes with soft, flexible, functional, comfortable soles and designed so that they love to take their walks and runs without losing an iota of mobility.

Thus, for 3 decades, a company that was born in a garage with a man, Chris, whose only tools were leather, suede and illusion, has been growing thanks to the demand of thousands of parents who were looking for precisely that, a shoe with a flat sole. soft suitable for the development needs of your little ones.

non stop improvement

Since its birth, Bobux has not stopped research, evolve and improve. Thanks to a hard-working R&D department, its professionals seek the perfection of soft soles that adapt in the best way to the needs of the foot in a natural way, without affecting the growth of the infant.

Thus, after its first and timid steps, today the company, increasingly present in more places in the world and employing more workers in every corner of the planet, has a clear and firm objective and knows where it is going.

And that leads us to what matters to us about Bobux, and it is the talent, innovation, creativity and care that those responsible put into everything they do to give rise to footwear full of values, comfortable, that has been created with love. , with great care, and that is ideal for the most intrepid and adventurous children in the world.

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And it is that their leaders knew from the first moment that they were going to manufacture comfortable children's shoes, but at the same time adaptable, that does not harm at all the good health of the feet of the little ones. And they have done so thanks to a process of extensive research in which podiatrists and experts from various branches have been involved, who have managed to make the brand grow, improve and broaden its horizons even 30 years after seeing the light.

From the first moment, those responsible for Bobux knew that they were going to make very comfortable shoes for very modern children. That is why we are so proud in our ecommerce to be able to offer you high-quality footwear from brands as interesting as the one we are talking about. Now, check everything we can offer you and buy so that your little ones walk happily, full and healthy.

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