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What does barefoot footwear mean?

Barefoot footwear, minimalist footwear or also called "barefoot" shoe is known as a type of footwear that seeks greater sensory contact of the foot with the ground, providing some protection against hazards, weather and ground conditions.

Drop Zero

Just like your feet! A completely flat sole improves posture and performs natural movements.

new sensations

The thin cushioning of minimalist shoes improves your connection to the ground.

light footwear

It is the most flexible and light type of footwear on the market.


Our shoes are extremely flexible, durable and conform to your feet.

Being able to wiggle your toes and feel the earth beneath is a great way to reconnect with your body and the natural world around you. 

Activating all that sensory feedback is why our feet are full of nerve endings, just like our hands. 

Your feet are amazing, feel again!



Happy children who walk well

We offer you the best shoes so that they do not interfere with the freedom of movement of the little ones and, of course, do not interfere with their natural development either.

For all this to come to fruition, the little ones have to wear shoes that are so adaptable to their feet that they seem to they go barefoot how are the barefoot. And all this, recommended by professional podiatrists after various studies that have shown that this is the best option for the well-being of babies and, ultimately, of everyone, including adults





The footwear that the human foot needs, contrary to what has been said before, is the one that most resembles the foot itself, since it enhances its natural development.

exteroceptive sensitivity

The baby's foot, during its first months of development, will enhance what we call exteroceptive sensitivity. It is a transfer of information from the outside world. That is, the little one discovers the texture of the soil, its temperature, etc.
You will see that the child plays a lot with his feet, and it is that, during these first years, he experiments and toils with the limits of his body. All this means that little by little it matures, perfecting the use of its nervous system and expanding and optimizing its intellectual development and its neuromuscular control.

proprioceptive sensitivity

After 8 months of age, the child begins to try to get up, to hold all his weight on his feet while maintaining his upright posture. It is called proprioceptive sensitivity, which provides information to the cerebellum in relation to its natural position, the coordination of its movements and, ultimately, the achievement of maximum balance.
If we let babies walk barefoot, we get more useful information from the environment. This ensures that your body adopts the best posture for walking and staying upright as soon as possible.

The baby walks more comfortably without shoes...

Feeling the ground Tactile stimuli are key to its correct development. In fact, many take off their shoes. How do we fix it? With the barefoot shoes that adapt perfectly to your feet and that simulate walking barefoot so that you take advantage of all the benefits, but limiting and eliminating the dangers of barriers and obstacles such as cold or sharp objects.

Barefoot Shoe Benefits

Walk as if barefoot

Total freedom of movement

The foot develops naturally

The sole is made of natural rubber

complete flexibility

They have a wide last

Barefoot footwear helps your baby develop properly

The experience of walking as if you were barefoot with a protective shoe with a light and flexible sole that does not suppress proprioceptive sensitivity is only offered by barefoot footwear.

Latest opinions on our respectful footwear

  • Respectful Sandals 3F Bar3foot Blue and Green
     5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Comfortable and perfect size.

  • Anatomic Starter Respectful Shoes Gray
     1 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I found them too narrow, not at all, but rather they exert vertical pressure, pressing on the instep. In addition, they seemed inflexible to me and I consider that they weigh too much to be barefoot.

  • Anatomic Starter Green Respectful Shoes
     5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I wore them to work (walking on asphalt all morning) and great. More of a transition canvas, they have a lot of room for the fingers and the color is beautiful. I have a medium last without much instep and fine.

  • 3F Bar3foot Sneakers Gray - Mustard
     5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    They are very pretty, the finish is very good. They carve normal if you hurry me a little small in length. Zero drop and wide where they need to be, they meet 100% with what I'm looking for for my children. The sole is thick enough so that they do not have problems when stepping on stones. My children are 4 years old and they love them. I will buy again when they outgrow them.

  • 3F Bar3foot Pink Canvas Shoes 2 velcros
     5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Super flexible shoes. The girl loves them!!! And the person in charge of the very nice page. I had a question and he helped me.


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